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40 SMALL KITCHEN IDEAS (Modern, Traditional, White, Grey)

Small Kitchen Ideas – A kitchen might be a place that needs a lot of space for serving food and cooking activity. It requires a large area to store some essential kitchen equipment. However, it is also possible to build one in a small space. 

A little space does not always limit our activity and creativity, especially when it comes to a small kitchen. It can also be a fun place if we decorate it with a great and suitable design. Moreover, the right arrangement is essential to make the room looks beautiful and convenient.

Therefore, do not be sad if there is only a small area available for a kitchen in the house. There is always a way to make it looks impressive and comfortable to use. With various designs and colors, we need to pick them correctly so that the kitchen will have a suitable layout and the whole design will fit our expectation.

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Commonly, most houses have a room for a kitchen, but not every home provide a large room for it. Nevertheless, size does not define beauty, or even quality, both big and small kitchen can function well. Moreover, all we need to do is the art of saving space to make the room functional and comfortable.

There are many ways to make a small kitchen looks interesting. Firstly, create an open space for your kitchen by organizing some layouts to one wall. Second, built a banquette seating to maximize the use of space. Third, decorate your breakfast nook area with cupboards and high shelves to store display items. Fourth, provide most of the space for the dining area and make it becomes a priority.

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Additionally, you should not ignore the storage arrangement. Try to build cupboards that extend to the ceiling so that besides saving space, it also helps to display your items beautifully. Furthermore, apply modular design to maximize your kitchen space by keeping the island on wheels to move it around efficiently. Lastly, don’t forget to use the best furnishing since the smaller a kitchen, the fewer finishes to apply. 


A modern kitchen often looks well-organized and straightforward. It has a contemporary style and relaxed atmosphere. Commonly, this type of room has white or black as its dominant color. Therefore, here we have some inspirations of small and modern dining ideas for your kitchen.

Beach Style Kitchen

We can find a fresh and natural atmosphere in this U-shaped kitchen. A peninsula and flat-panel cabinets are surrounding the room with beige wall and medium tone wood floor. In short, the kitchen color tones and layouts show a combination of oceanic and modern looks from inside the room.

Modern Mediterranean Kitchen

A Mediterranean accent applied beautifully in this l-shaped kitchen. We can see it on the rug and lighting. Although the room is small, it looks great with modern style and complete elements like white shaker cabinets and wood splash.

Black and White Kitchen

A two-toned room design will never bore our eyes. This minimalist kitchen applies a combination of black and white. There are some black and dark color kitchen elements like quartz countertops, marble backsplash, and stainless steel appliances. Also, we can find more white applied on a peninsula, wall, and shaker cabinets.


A kitchen with dominant white always looks clean and charming. It brings a combination of modern and natural atmosphere. Additionally, there are many kitchen designs which are looking great with white too. Now, take a look at this specific kitchen color ideas below.

White Rustic Kitchen

Besides covered in white painting and furniture, this small kitchen also applies a few rustic touches. We can see it on the use of wooden floor and ceiling. Also, the addition of rattan pendant lightings brings a natural look among the room’s dominant white color

Natural White Kitchen

Different than other small kitchens, this one has an island with white countertops in the middle of the room. Behind the island, there is a transparent glass door which becomes a source of natural lights. This enclosed kitchen looks both natural and contemporary with its white and grey touches.

Modern White Kitchen

This tiny kitchen shows its transitional and modern design with two combinations of limestone and beige floor. Moreover, it looks utterly suitable with beige cabinets and a peninsula with quartzite countertops. Although the kitchen only provides limited space, it still looks lovely and exquisite.


There are many variations of kitchen color ideas, including applying grey as a primary color tone. It is perfect for those who love less colorful tones, but always want to look trendy. Thus, check out these grey kitchen ideas to inspire your kitchen color decoration.

Traditional Grey Kitchen

Grey and white blend perfectly in this traditional kitchen. Some grey touches play its part on cabinets and island. Also, white applies elegantly on quartzite countertops and stone slab backsplash. In addition to lightings, there are small lights on the ceiling and a pendant light to give a little transitional touch inside the kitchen.

Eat-n kitchen

Still, with grey and white room, this eat-in kitchen adopts a contemporary mode as its style. It has a white island with quartz countertop and grey backsplash. Moreover, some storage space in one side of the room is useful and well-organized, including those shaker cabinets above the cooking area.

Small Apartment Kitchen

Dark grey and bright orange applied side by side in this apartment kitchen. These two contrast colors blend impressively. While grey covered in most of the room, orange only used on open shelves and a tiny island. Even though this kitchen is small, it looks excellent and suitable for the apartment size.


Small kitchens rarely have islands because of its limited space. But it does not mean that we cannot add it to complete the room. Below, here are some small kitchen ideas with an island to increase its functionality and use.

Classic Kitchen with Island

A combination of grey, white, and dim lights brings a classical atmosphere into the room. Moreover, the addition of an island makes the size of the kitchen looks more extensive. Besides, it has a great layout and lots of storages which provides an excellent arrangement.

Traditional Kitchen

An eat-in kitchen with traditional style looks great with an island in the middle of the room. There is a combination of grey and beige layouts which produce a medium color tone. It makes the kitchen looks open and large, especially with the installation of a light wood floor.

Simple Kitchen with Island

Beach style kitchen can appear in simple design like this one. As we can see, all appliances are made of stainless steel and arrange in one side of the room. There are also two classic pendant lights above an island and some LED ceiling lights as the additional lightings. In short, the entire room design looks attractive and natural.


Keeping some stuff in a small kitchen is not an easy job to do. We might need a lot of space to store them. However, it will not be a problem if we decide to arrange the kitchen with the right design. Therefore, take a little of your time to check these small kitchen storage ideas below.

Mid-Century Kitchen Storage

This kitchen is taking a traditional style with 18th-century design. There are some storages with different models, including open shelves above the stove and a small grey cabinet on the corner. Additionally, an island in the middle of the room also contains some storages to help you store and taking your stuff while serving food.

Compact Kitchen Storage

A tiny kitchen will not look complicated with the right arrangement. In this kitchen, there are so many storages available. Started from u-shaped cabinets for storing cooking appliances. Then, white shaker cabinets on top of the sink. Also, there are open shelves to place some important stuff so that they are visible and easy to reach.

Simple White Storage

A kitchen with simple storages shows a homey and casual atmosphere. In the top corner of the room, there are some white cabinets to store and organize small stuff. While on the bottom side, there are also some other cabinets to store bigger stuff. All of those storages have a simple and basic design.


A galley is a type of kitchen with complete components that has a similar model with the one built in a ship or a train. Besides, a tiny room in a house can also transform into a galley kitchen. Here are some inspirations to help you get more ideas on building a galley kitchen in a small room.

Gray Galley

In this kitchen, the entire room fills with a grey tone. We can see it on cabinets, appliances, backsplash, until the floor. It looks contemporary with frameless cabinetry, stainless steel appliances, and mosaic backsplash. All of the equipment is magnificent and well-organized.

Composite Galley

Still, with a mid-century kitchen, this one looks fresh and appealing. It has a 1960s style with classical elements including wood cabinets and hanging ceramic plates on the upper wall. There are also some glass windows to get natural lights from outside. Those windows make the room looks larger and brighter.

Mini Kitchen Galley

A mix of the mini-sized and traditional kitchen always looks impressive, especially when it comes to a galley kitchen. Here, we can see the conventional style clearly through dim lightings and classic fixture, including gold faucet, vintage lights, and blue cabinets. There are also some other storages space available, like open shelves above the stove and a grey closet in the corner.


Not every kitchen have a dining area, especially a small kitchen. But there are also some small kitchen designs with this area, and it looks good with the right organizing. If you try to get some ideas dining room decorating ideas on the small kitchen, let us take a look at these inspirations below.

Small Kitchen with Island

Besides completed with an island, this kitchen also has a dining area. It looked perfect with white chairs and placed near an open window. While on the cooking area, there are some green cabinets which are surrounding the appliances. In short, the whole kitchen design looks traditional and natural.

Mid Century Dining Kitchen

A farmhouse dining room is perfect for those who love the simplicity and natural atmosphere. In this kitchen, there is a dining and cooking area in one place. Moreover, All of the fixtures arranged beautifully in mid-century style. Furthermore, the room’s color tones blend charmingly with the kitchen style and natural lights from outside.

Contemporary Dining

A combination of blue, white, and brown produce a contemporary look in this dining kitchen. It looks brighter with the installation of lightings above the island and dining area. Also, if we take a look at the flooring, there are two-tone hexagon floor, which is very entertaining. In addition to the storage, we can see open shelves on the wall to store stuff such as glasses and decorating items.


A Mini kitchen is excellent for those who have limited space in their house. It often needed in a small house or an apartment. If you’re looking for ideas or inspirations, let’s have a look at these adorable kitchen models.

Mini Traditional Kitchen

Designing a small space between two rooms as a kitchen is an excellent idea. Here, this kitchen has the same case. It has a basic style with cabinets and main appliances only, including stove and microwave. Also, a combination of white wall and wood cabinets show an appealing look and traditional style.

Contemporary Kitchen

If you have a limited room in your house, you might want to consider having this one. In this room, there is a combination of cooking space and comfy seating area. It looks contemporary with pattern ceramic floor and white walls. Moreover, this room is not only functions as a kitchen but also as the place for casually gathering with friends and family.

Rustic Kitchen

A mini-sized kitchen with brick wall and wooden floor look classical and rustic. Some stainless steel appliances also complete the room’s need. It seems clear and brighter with enough amount of lights. In short, this lovely kitchen matches perfectly with its size and beautiful arrangement.

Other Kitchen Ideas


In conclusion, having a kitchen in small-sized is both fun and tricky. It is fun to apply new design, but it is quite tricky to organize it. There are plenty of inspirations for small kitchen decorating ideas. Therefore, it is essential to get them as much as you can so that the kitchen will finish with a great result and will be comfortable to use.

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